Saturday, May 21, 2016

Research On Careers In Technology

Research On Careers In Technology

         In life there is a lot of careers you can get. But sometimes you do not know them all and this when you need to start doing research to find out what jobs are out there and  interest you and which ones don't. Today I will be talking about three jobs and which one seems to be more interesting for me.
Software Development

    In reality I have never heard of these three jobs that I'm researching , which are software developer, web developer, and computer system analyst. But today I will be talking about the three of them and which one is more interesting to me. Software developer is the one that invents the technologies that you use everyday. For example a software developer invented the alarm app in your cellphone, and not only this, but they also did the mouse you use when clicking on things in a computer. They also design programs and always think outside the box. Basically a software developer is focused on the entire development process for a software program.  Developers do the programs using codes. Software developers also fix problems that programs have to improve them. Yes, it may seem a hard job to do, especially if you don't like it, but they get payed a good amount of money. The salary software developers get is 95,510 dollars. If you are interested in this job you can get hired easily by having the ability to code even if you don't have a degree, but with a huge list of achievements. The second job which is a web developer is a job where you need to design the web pages on the internet. The way the workers design the web pages is first by asking the clients how they will like their web page so that then they could create it. Therefore, a web developer is in charge of programming a code in order for a website to function. The reason why a web developer does these web pages is to communicate with their clients, but it does take a lot of time to do a web page, and this is why you need to have a lot of patience for this job. So, basically a web developers job is to create a web page for clients. The salary of this job is 112,680 if your profession is high level. And finally, computer system analyst. So what is the focus on this job? Well basically what this job is focused on is to design better computer systems, but for this to happen designers need to understand their clients businesses. Also this job includes collaboration with others an many responsibilities. What the workers of this job concentrate
Web Developer
in when designing computer systems is to calculate how much memory and data they will put into the computer system. And not only this, but they analyze data processing problems. The salary for this job is 129,980 if your profession is high level.

In reality I don't think that in the future I will get any of these jobs, but if I were to choose one I would be interested in computer system analyst because first of all it is a very interesting job and second of all because it is a job that pays you well. If I were to get into this job the things that I would need would be the following. First of all I would need high level awareness of all the moving parts of a company's computer system. I will also need to be able to manage multiple tasks simultaneously. Besides these things the most important thing I will need to know how to do SQL, Java and others in order to do a better computer system. Another thing I should know when doing this job is to problem solve.

These are some jobs you can work on and that will pay you a good amount of money.
Computer System Analyst
But, software development, web development, and computer system analyst are not the only jobs in the world, there are many more that may also seem interesting and could pay you even more. But these are just some jobs to get you started, to get you to think of what your future may be later on.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Lego Robots

Lego Robots

Hello my name is Daisy Uribe and I will be writing about the experiences I had making a lego robot. I'll also tell you the experiences I had setting up an arduino. And also what I was trying to accomplish when setting the cables to the arduino.

The experience I had while preparing the Lego robot was that since its the first time it is kind of hard. The reason its kind of hard is that you don't have that much of experience. But if you follow the steps that are given to you its is a much more easier and faster process.
The hardest part for me and my team mates was to make the lego robot sense a black line so that it can follow it. This step took me and my group a little more time.This was my experience with the robot.

Besides the lego robot, I also got to experience in building or setting an arduino. First of all an arduino is used to make lights, motors and other stuff. The experiences that I had while setting this up was a hard one. First of all I had never seen this in my life. It was the first timbeing able to set it by connecting cables for a light to switch on and off. So my goal was to make this the LED switch on and off which I did:) 

Friday, February 12, 2016

Platform Game Period 4

This was the second game we did but this time it was a platform game. This means we had to make the character jump. It is very fun to play.
This is the second game we did in scratch, but this time we had to make our sprite jump.
This is the first level of my platform game. Its the easy level. :)

this is the second hardest level of my platform game. And in this section of the game you have to jump in between the yarn which are balls for the cat. Once you have jumped the yarns you touch the coin with the fish which the cat likes and one more level to go.
This is the third level of the game. And for you to pass the whole game you cannot touch the ball of yarn.
Also if you touch the sharp small mountains you go back from where you started.
For this level you have to touch the coin with a fish in it. :)
Finally this is the last part of the game which means you finished. ;)

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Maze Game Period 4
This is the first maze game we did in scratch.

This is the first game we did in scratch. This is the first level and to get to the second level you move the fish to the blue button.
This is my 2nd level and you have to pass the yellow balls. If you touch them you go back to where you started.

After you have completed the levels you can start the game again..

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Period 4 Animation

This is part of the script for making the cartoon show.
This is our first project on scratch. This link is a small cartoon show I created.

This was the first time to ever use scratch. Our first task was to make a cartoon with 3 scenes.
This was a cartoon about love.
This is the second scene. In this scene the friends have finished from watching a movie.
In this last scene they both are relaxing and talking about what has  happened during the day.
Finally the cartoon finishes. The End!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 30, 2015

House For Sale

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Friday, August 21, 2015

About Me

About Me 
Hi my name is Daisy Uribe and today I will be talking about myself. First of all i am a 10th grader and i have 1 year in this school Elizabeth Learning Center. My favorite subjects in school are math and science. I like science because it is interesting to learn. The reason science is interesting for me to learn is because you can make experiments and see their reactions. What I also like about science is to look at things we cant see with our own eyes with a microscope. I have two brothers and no sisters and I am the oldest of my brothers. Both of my parents are from Mexico. I also like to study what interests me.

In my free time(vacations) I like traveling to Mexico to visit. In my free time I also like to read, draw etc. The school I come from is from Ellen Ochoa Learning Center, and this is the school I graduated from. I also like to hear music and my favorite colors are all of them. What I like about school is that you get to learn whatever you have interest in and I  do no really have anything I do not like about school.

I joined the technology academy because I am interesting about learning computers. I've always wondered how could people make their own website, game and more. So what I hope to learn in this class is to increase my skills of using a computer. And I will also like to learn how to make webpages, games and robots that move. This is what I hope to learn in this class.